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CRF Bars

CRF real-ale (and other drinks!) bars

The Cambridge Rock Festival has a tradition of providing up to 100 different real-ales that dates back to its early days as the Rockinbeerfest. Many of these are sourced from smaller, local breweries - . But don’t worry if you don’t like real-ale – we also offer local ciders, lager, wine, soft drinks...

Gin, Pimms and Prosecco Bar

Introduced in 2019, our CRF Gin, Pimms and Prosecco bar was added for those who like something different. Come along and try our speciality gins, flavoured with: Breakfast Marmalade, Raspberries, Pink Grapefruit, Rhubarb and Sloe Gin with Cherries alongside the favourites of Gordon's, Gordon's Pink Gin, Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire. Pimms will be available as a single serving or jug. If you fancy something sparkling, then try our Prosecco.

CRF goes cashless

After pioneering simplicity in bar operation - for many years the CRF has operated with it's own "tokens" as currency - this year the CRF aims to go cashless. The aim is retain the benefit of being able to quickly serve our customers whilst also improving security on site. Please ensure you bring a card with you!


Our 'glasses' - looking after the environment

2016 also saw us further improve our environmental friendliness by moving away from disposable plastic cups. We now use reusable shatterproof souvenir polycarbonate "glasses” in both pint and half-pint sizes for which washing facilities will be available. There will be a nominal charge of just £2 each (from the box office or CRF sales stalls) and of course you get to keep them! Please also note that in order top reduce landfill we do not sell disposable plastic glasses into the site. You may only bring your own disposable glasses in if they are CE marked.


Alcohol policy

No Alcohol or Glass may be brought into the Festival Arena

The “Festival Arena” is everywhere inside the "food area" and that is demarked by crowd control barrier. There is a wristband controlled entry and exit point close to the toilets. Bag searches will be conducted upon entry as at virtually all venues today.

We need to do this to maintain compliance with the Licencing Act 2003 and it also helps to enable the festival to continue, as our income from the bar is vital for the festival’s finances.

We operate a “Challenge 25 Policy” - if you are under 25 or appear to be, you will be asked for ID. No under 18s will be served and purchase of alcohol for under 18s is an offence, so please don't do it. Possession of beer tokens is not proof of entitlement! Suitable ID is the photo part of a UK driving licence, passport or recognised official ID card - presentation of fake cards will lead to expulsion from the site and our decision is final.


Note: if anyone has had an excess of alcohol or appears drunk the bar staff will refuse to serve further alcoholic drinks.

Do not drink and drive - allow time for recovery on Monday morning too.

Having said all of that, please enjoy our fantastic bar, drink responsibly and have a great festival!

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