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CRF Newsletter

During the year we run occasional ‘support’ events as well as preparing for the next festival, and we would like to keep you up to date with our plans and let you know about any special offers we may have. Part of our communication process includes occasional Newsletters, so please sign up using the form below.

We promise we will not bombard you with emails! There are a number of reasons – for one thing we know it will just turn you off and we’ll lose your support! (We suffer from getting too many unwanted emails too…). But each one we send also costs us money that we’d far rather use for the festival. Typically they go out half a dozen times a year. We will also only send you newsletters relating to our own events and/or those we are involved with, and we won’t pass your details on to any third parties. Of course you can always remove your name at any time, should you wish, though if you have a problem please do talk to us about it first.

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