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Promote The CRF

Cambridge Rock Festival - run by music fans like you!

The CRF doesn't have the backing of big corporations, music magazines, local Councils or Government bodies or any major artists behind it - it's run by people like you, who probably think like you, and try and build a fantastic music festival every year in the way they would want it to be if they were attending as a fan.

The volunteers give their time freely and do contact us if you would like to help, not just during the festival but beforehand too, and in particular we always need help in promoting the event on social media, with flyers at gigs, etc.

If you would like paper versions to hand out, just contact us. Please say where you plan to distribute them ideally locally to the site, how many you need, by when (allowing 3-5 days for delivery) and your mailing address to receive them.  We'll get a pack in the post to you!

Our latest e-flyer(s)

Here's the 'front' and 'back' of our latest e-flyer - please feel free to copy and paste it wherever it might be seen by those interested in the event!

The first images are our 'general' flyer showing some of the better known and headline bands on the 'front'. There are also genre specific variants of these. Every band is on the front of one of these variants (the major artists appear on most of them!).

Our promotional videos

We also have a number of promotional videos that each serve a different purpose.

Use the links to open the video player, then copy and save the web page address and share to social media and anywhere else!

The 2 minute Teaser. This shows only a handful of bands and mentions the key festival selling points to festival newcomers. It is short and to the point, but should leave you wanting more…

The 4 minute Teaser. A handful of bands (but different songs) and it covers, broadly, all the types of music and age range that CRF offers plus “stills” of festival scenes and commentary on the event. 

The 8 minute Taster. This features more bands, some longer excerpts and EVERY band playing CRF22 gets mentioned, largely grouped by genre and includes musicians talking about the CRF.

The 24 minute Flavour. This includes excerpts of every band for which we have HD video filmed at the CRF (26 bands) and every other band is name-checked and grouped together with similar bands.

To download an e-flyer

Typically right-click on the image and click "save image as" (with Google Chrome - each browser does something similar).

All Line Up.jpg
Thurday Line up.jpg
Saturday Line Up.jpg
Friday Line Up.jpg
Sunday Line Up.jpg
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