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How To Get Here


From the - travelling south

From the - travelling north

Once you reach the site

When you enter the site you will quickly reach a junction. If you are camping and have pre-booked, turn 


If you are a day visitor, artist or you need to buy a ticket, turn


Artists should use the left channel, general public use the the right.

Satnav users: please use 

What3Words users

If you're camping it's      

and if you are not camping then it's 

If you're a band then for artists it's 

By public transport

Need a lift? Can offer a lift? 

We are aware that there will always be some people who don't drive who may have difficulty getting to the festival. If you would like a lift, or if you'd be happy to offer one, please post something to that effect on the various Facebook pages - we will approve such posts. Important note: The organisers of the CRF do not and cannot accept any responsibility or liability for this and will not carry out any checks on the people involved. It is your responsibility and decision to either offer or accept a lift and make any checks you feel necessary before doing so.

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