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Ciders for 2024

Below is the list of Ciders we had lined up for 2023.  Whilst we can't guarantee they will be available in 2024. You'll see some old favourites we know will return and will welcome new limited editions at the time

Light and easy-drinking, Equinox is a thirst-quenching summer tipple. Sitting comfortably in our range as a Medium cider, it has both dry and sweet qualities, coupled with a strength that makes it an excellent session cider.


This starts life as a light cider of about 3% alcohol. We add fresh strawberries to the fermented drink, allowing them to infuse for a couple of weeks, before lightly pressing the rest of their juice out. The colour from the strawberries gives this special (unique) cider a light pink hue, with a medium to sweet taste.


Midnight Special Perry uses a unique blend of fresh dessert and perry pears and contains no added sugar, preservatives or flavouring. Midnight Special was awarded by CAMRA as “Regional Champion Perry of Britain 2017”.

5.0%  MEDIUM

This is the only perry that has any water in, as it is a mixture of a first and 2nd pressing. The 2nd pressing has water added to re-hydrate the fruit, to assist pressing out the remaining colour, juice and flavours, so the water content is no more than 20%. Often a cloudy perry, it has good flavours despite being lower strength. Varieties include Doyenne du Comice, Thorn, Blakeney Red, Conference.


Natural Sweetness of Pears married to the dryness of West Country traditional cider apples. Refreshing combination with slight elderflower notes


Katy is a pale coloured medium dry single variety cider with a refreshing a crisp clean finish. 

This cider has a delicate flavour and is made of Katy apples


Made in the same way as our strawberry cider, by adding fresh blackberries to the fermented drink The added fruits gives it a nice maroon colour,.Tastes exactly as it should, (only without the crumble or custard).


A revival of a historical light and dry cider made for quaffing whilst you work the fields! At only 3.8% ABV you can keep your head and thirst at bay. This is made from many varieties of apple including Discovery. The pulp is soaked before a second pressing to extract the remaining juice. Often a cloudy cider, it has good flavours despite being lower strength (in the “real cider” bracket).

3.8% DRY

A great summer cider made from a varying blend of apples including Royal Gala, Braeburn, Spartan and Lord Lambourne. Sitting nicely in our range at 5.0% ABV. This blend has a deeper colour and quite complex flavours. Good to recommend to “Magners” fans, as it is similar strength and sweetness.


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