Camping and Glamping

Please note: the campsite will open this year at 11am on Thursday 26th July 2018.

For safety reasons no camping will be permitted before this time.

Please set up only where directed to camp.

General camping rules and conditions

This year we will have only 2 types of camping tag - one for all tents and one for all caravans / motorhomes.

Attach the tent tag to the outside of the tent facing the nearest roadway. These will be issued by our site crew in exchange for your camping ticket.

Display Caravan / Motorhome tag in the windscreen or window again facing the nearest roadway.

If you do not have a camping ticket you will need to park in the holding area as directed and purchase one from the box office. This should make set up much simpler and save valuable time when you need to get to the bar after a long journey!

It is planned that for 2018 cars will be allowed next to tents for your convenience and security. To facilitate this you will be directed into a slot in one of the marked lanes.

If you wish to camp next to friends please meet up off site and arrive together so you can park and pitch your tents in the same area. You will not be able to save spaces for those arriving later.

Vehicle movements within the campsite will be very limited and under steward control, so if you wish to drive off site during the event please use the day ticket parking area after pitching your tent.

There will be lighting at the site entrance, exit, parts of the arena and toilet block areas. For the darker areas we suggest you bring a wind up torch.

Candle flares, naked flames and fires are not permitted under any circumstances.

Gas BBQs are allowed but must be raised off the ground on legs - the disposable or charcoal type are not allowed as they burn the grass and in dry conditions represent a major fire hazard, taking considerable time to cool down after use. Gas BBQs and stoves are acceptable providing you take care when refuelling and connecting.

Toilet facilities with 24 hr access from the campsite.

We intend to provide showers on site as before, however they may be unavailable at some times to allow for cleaning.

There are no hook ups available on this site.


This year we have introduced a new "Glamping" opportunity, following many requests to do so. The Glamping package is being provided by Bumble Bell Tents and will have its own designated area within the site.

All relevant rules above apply equally to those choosing a Glamping package.

To book one of these packages (which are limited in number) you can simply use the link below. Please note that your contract for this is with the operator and not with the festival organisers, and your payment goes to them for the provision of the Glamping package.

You will also need to buy festival tickets for everyone attending the festival, plus a CRF camping pass.

This is because we still have to provide all the same general site facilities and it would be wrong for general campers to subsidise those facilities for "glampers" - the only difference is that you are using someone else's tent rather than your own!