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If you have any ticket queries, please email us at for help.

Tickets for CRF24 are now on sale for the full festival at our new variable pricing. Where you choose which price to pay from the following options for 4-day tickets. We are aware that every little helps at this time, so you can choose from the most economical ticket, to the most supportive ticket, but it's entirely at your discretion. 


Pay what you can afford full festival ticket prices start at £139, then head up to £149 and £159 in advance


Day tickets are available at £34 for Thursday and £48 for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

The Advance tickets are available at a reduced price compared with the price on the gate.

The prices offered now, we guarantee will be the lowest ever prices for these tickets. Prices include all fees - no hidden extra charges!

You can also book your camping for tents, motorhomes and caravans, plus electrical hook-ups if you need them.  Families are welcome and we offer low price tickets for children.

We will be providing some linked seating in the stage marquees, as available at no extra cost.

Tickets are sent to you by email. You must enter a valid email address or you will not receive your tickets. At the festival, your tickets can be shown on a smartphone or printed. If you are unable to order on-line, please contact us for help.

BEWARE OF SCAMMERS!  Many events warn about fake tickets sold on social media. Only buy CRF tickets from this website.  Do not buy resold tickets. They are invalid. You will lose your money and not get in. At the Box Office, we check that your ID matches the individual barcoded ticket and records on our computer.

If you see CRF tickets offered anywhere except here, or have other ticketing issues, please get in touch.

Please note:

  • Bands, days and times may change.

  • Tickets are for the festival, not any individual band performance.

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