vCRF 2020 Entrance

This event was designed to be immersive - to feel like you are actually there

Large TV screens will work best, though phones will work too!

Everything you will see was filmed live at past Cambridge Rock Festival events


There are two schedules each day - think of them as different stages - 'Amber' and 'Topaz'

If you don't understand how to use the website, there are FAQs to explain it ... please look at them!


The event is not on Youtube - it is only available from our website. If you want to know why, read the FAQs

If you have internet connectivity issues, there are alternative versions of everything. Again, read the FAQs!

Please support the bands! There is a 'Band Merchandise' button during most sets where you can buy things

The event is free but cost us to put it on. We've lost a lot with postponing the next CRF, so any donations welcome!

Okay - you're ready! We've even given you a free virtual programme with stage times and band info when you enter....