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The Cambridge Rock Festival was postponed to 2022

Like everyone, we are closely following the rapidly changing developments on the coronavirus pandemic.

It became clear that we could not go ahead on the original dates in 2020. Disruption and uncertainty affect all aspects of the event. Regulations made it impossible to proceed.

We discussed various options for rescheduling CRF with our partners, including the showground, artists, contractors, volunteers and staff, and are extremely grateful for everyone's understanding, support and patience.  It's clear from everyone we've talked to that there is an immense desire to make CRF happen!

We rescheduled to 2021 on the equivalent days to those planned for 2020, with the aim to bring you an even better festival experience and confirmed this date with the venue. Every band booked for CRF20 was asked if they would like to play and virtually every band re-confirmed - see the line-up page.

The Government's ‘Roadmap’ to end the lockdown allows full re-opening no earlier than 21 June - just after CRF21’s scheduled dates.  Until at least 21 June, there are many restrictions on how events can be conducted.

Following detailed analysis of the rules, we reluctantly concluded not to run CRF21.  The numerous hoops that we, and you, would have to go through under ‘Step 3’ rules would substantially change the character of the festival.  We do not believe we can stage an event with the atmosphere that you expect in which people could feel confident they would be safe.

We considered postponement to later in the year but there simply isn’t capacity at the venue, which already has many dates doubled-booked to clear the backlog of other users.



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