virtually the Cambridge Rock Festival 2020

Welcome to the virtual stages of the Cambridge rock Festival 2020. See the schedule for times of bands each day - each 'set' will become available to start playing at (or very close to!) the time shown. Sets may continue slightly past the scheduled end time but this is not guaranteed.

All videos are recorded live at past CRFs, though a set main span multiple years and have been filmed by different videographers - continuity anomalies are likely!!

Every band has given their consent to be included in this event. If you are able, please consider supporting the bands by visiting their website and perhaps buying a CD, T shirt or video - we're sure they will appreciate that!

This event is free to anyone to watch; a thank-you from us and the bands for your support, and something to lift the spirits. However  whilst we're not charging any "admission" to the event, it will cost us a bit to run it and of course we've already incurred set-up costs for the now delayed CRF20, so if you save money on beer then any donations to the CRF will be welcome and go straight towards CRF21.

Just like a normal CRF, we will be running three virtual 'stages'! These are:

Amber - featuring high definition (full HD, 1920x1080 pixel) video. Virtually all is fan-shot with good quality cameras!

Jade - featuring the same sets as the Amber stage but in lower definition (1280x720 pixel), running on a different server

Topaz - featuring different sets, mostly in DVD quality 4:3 ratio from the 'pro' cameras used for the side screens at CRF09-16.

Important note: You MUST refresh your screen in order to bring the band to the stage at/after the time shown!

Material has come from various source but special thanks go to John Warner, Andy Kitson, Bernard Neverclift and Andy Watts, without whom this virtual festival would not have been possible, plus Geoff Leon for the side-screen footage.

Virtually on our 'Amber' (HD) stage Tuesday at 7.30pm  (Fasthosts HD version)

Virtually on our 'Jade' (LD) stage Tuesday at 7.35pm  (Fasthosts LD version)

Later on our 'Amber' (HD) stage Tuesday at 7.40pm  (Ionos HD version)

Later on our 'Jade' (LD) stage Tuesday at 7.45pm  (Ionos LD version)

Later on our 'Topaz' (Pro) stage Tuesday at 7.50pm  (Fasthosts DVD version)