Volunteer for the C.R.F.

The CRF survives largely because of the dedication of our red-shirted unpaid volunteers, many of whom come back year after year to help at both the festival and interim “support” events. Whilst technically a business, the festival is run with the aim of providing great music to those who love it, not to make money – you won’t see a heavy commercial presence. But to cover the costs of the festival infrastructure (PA, lights, stages, marquees, site, licences, power supplies, security, our award winning toilets, and much more) we have to keep our costs as low as possible, and that’s where the volunteers come in…

In particular we need stewards to work alongside our professional security team, for which we offer full briefing sessions. We typically ask volunteers to cover one 4 hour shift per day over a minimum of 2 days (although we like you to be on call at other times just in case we need extra help).

However we also need people with other specific but quite varied skills; some volunteers help with cooking or brewing up a cuppa or two backstage, others may be electricians (especially for PAT testing), plumbers, first aid etc. Do just think about all things we have to do (some are mentioned above!) and let us know if you have skills you can offer to us.


Free weekend passes!

Volunteers get festival passes and free camping, and a discount on food from the stalls!


How to apply

If you’ve volunteered before then we will keep your details on file and will be calling on your services again (unless you ask us not to, of course) – many do and great friendships have been forged, and fun had, by our volunteer team.

To join them, complete and send the application form below, or alternatively call us for a paper version on 01353-749749:

Thank you again, to all of our volunteers, past, present and future!

Notes about this form:

T Shirts

If you are working 2 or more days, we will provide one of not-for-sale red T shirts. Please tell us what size you need. Ladies sleeveless vests are available, plus usual sizes from Small to XXXL.

Working with someone you know

If you would to prefer (if possible) to work with a friend or partner, please give their name.

Staying on-site

Sometimes we arrange separate camping (etc) for stewards. Please tell us if you are bringing a tent, motorhome or caravan and if you are bringing a car please tell us your make, colour and registration.

Previous experience

Please tell us if you have worked at the CRF before - which years and in what capacity (steward, bar, etc), and similarly if you have volunteered at any other festivals - the more you can tell us, the better.

Preferred role and specialist skills

Please tell us the role(s) that you would be happy to do (or just say "any"), for example steward, campsite, bar, box office, specialist. We cannot promise that everyone will be offered their preferred choice but we'll certainly take it into consideration, taking into account your experience and order of application.

If you have any specialist skills and/or qualifications that you can offer, please tell us what they are, e.g. plumber, electrician, first aid, etc.

Before and after the festival

If you can help us set-up or take-down the infrastructure of the festival, please let us know! This normally takes place in the 4-5 days before and after the event itself, and help is very much appreciated. Help at these times is not structured or rostered, it is under the guidance of the festival Director and site managers. 

Shifts during the festival

During the festival (Thursday-Sunday) there are four shifts per day:

      (1).... 8am - midday

      (2).... midday - 4pm

      (3).... 4pm - 8pm

      (4).... 8pm - 00.30

although these may vary due to circumstances. We cannot guarantee specific slots but we always do our best as we know that there will be bands you will particularly wish to see and we want you to have a great time too!

Data security and GDPR

All information below is only made available to those people involved with the organisation of the festival. To conform with the new General Data Protection Regulation that applied from 25th May 2018, it is important that you explicitly confirm that you are happy for us to store the information you have supplied to us on this form and use it to administer and contact you about the festival. Please answer the two questions marked # towards the end of the form with "Yes", otherwise we will not be able to consider your application!

You can read about our GDPR Policy here:

Sending your application

When you have completed the form, click Send. Note: You may need to press this twice. Wait a moment and you should go to a new screen telling you your form has been sent. We will check through and get back to you by email. If all is well, we'll ask you to send a photograph - details will be provided.

Thank you!