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Band Guest List

Band Co-ordinator

Please nominate one person to act as the on-site co-ordinator for everything, including technical/stage requirements and any other issues that may arise. Usually everything will be fine, but occasionally things like band vehicles can become an issue while setting up and removing equipment. This is a new venue for us and we think it will be easier than in the past as it's mostly on hard standing! Should any issues arise that relate to the band, guests, etc we'll always try to contact the co-ordinator in the first instance, and we will treat the co-ordinator as the first point of contact for stage layout, channel information etc too.


Band members

We've allowed for up to 7 band members on this form, who will have "Artist" passes. Note that all passes will be valid throughout the festival - we'd be very happy for you to come along for all four days and enjoy yourselves! Quite a few bands regularly do just that and we'd love you to be part of our community.

Obviously back-stage space is limited, so we would prefer band members to only use the back-stage facilities on the day they are playing.

Managers, stage/technical crew, merchandise etc

We allow up to four other people directly associated with the band. Please note:

  • Stage/technical crew will have stage access. 

  • In most cases our experience is that one of the guests handles merchandise. Note: unlike some other festivals we do NOT charge you for a place to sell your CDs, T shirts etc and we do NOT take any cut of your sales. We think this is simply wrong! Indeed we encourage you to bring and sell as much as you can - you deserve it! However, please be fair to fellow artists who also need to use the space available.


We are happy to offer each band member a "plus one" guest. They will also be valid throughout the 4 days and have access to the dedicated camping area. These nominated guests should refrain from using the backstage area other than immediately before and after "their" band are playing.

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